Meals on Wheels Tree Sweater in downtown Bloomington

Downtown Bloomington businesses have agreed to sponsor nine tree sweaters to decorate trees surrounding the square as part of a new fundraiser for Middle Way House’s child care program.  Sponsored by Becky and Frank Hrisomalos, the Meals on Wheels Tree Sweater can be seen on the corner of Kirkwood & College Aves.

Folks are encouraged to vote for their favorite tree.  You can vote online for the Meals on Wheels tree  at   $1 = 1 VOTE  The Meals on Wheels is Tree #20.

You may vote in-person during Bloomington’s downtown square on Friday, November 2nd, during the Gallery Walk.  Deadline for voting is midnight on November 2nd.

View video: Bloomington Tree Sweaters – Knitting to Heal\”