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Bloomington Meals on Wheels promotes the health, well-being, and independence of Monroe County residents in need of access to nutritious food, human connection, advocacy and collaboration with a volunteer-powered network.

Who is eligible?

Bloomington Meals on Wheels delivers within the city limits to people who are unable to prepare meals for themselves due to chronic illness, advanced age, or disability. Many clients depend upon the service long-term. Others need the service temporarily as they recover from a hospital stay or illness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bloomington Meals on Wheels

Why are so many organizations called “Meals on Wheels”?

The name “Meals on Wheels” has, for decades, identified many unrelated organizations-including everything from nonprofits to government agencies to one-room mom-and-pop operations.

Is there a national organization for nonprofit Meals on Wheels?

No. A national association, the Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA), exists for all types of programs and related vendors. Though Bloomington Meals on Wheels, Inc. has a membership with MOWAA, that organization has no authority over MOW, its operations, board or staff. For more information about MOWAA go to

Is Bloomington Meals on Wheels, Inc. part of Area 10 Agency on Aging?

No. Bloomington Meals on Wheels, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization. Area 10 is primarily a government program, funded with federal and state appropriations as well as solicited donations. For more information about Area 10 go to

Does Bloomington Meals on Wheels, Inc. put new clients on a waiting list?

We try not to, however some routes have higher demand than others and may occasionally have a short wait for services. We are generally able to serve clients within two to three business days after the physician’s prescription required to start the service is received at the Meals on Wheels office. Clients are placed on a waiting list only if we are at full route capacity.

What are the age and income requirements needed to qualify for Bloomington Meals on Wheels?

Bloomington Meals on Wheels, Inc. has no age or income requirements to qualify for services. We can help people who are recovering from an accident or illness, experiencing either a temporary or permanent disability, or anyone who is homebound and unable to prepare food independently. Clients may receive services after obtaining a physician’s prescription.

Are Bloomington Meals on Wheels services free?

No. The cost for two meals per day is $12.00. Some clients may qualify for financial assistance.

Who prepares the meals for Bloomington Meals On Wheels?

Our meals are prepared by IU Health Bloomington Hospital’s dietary department and Meadowood Retirement Community. A registered dietician approves the menu.