“Bloomington Meals on Wheels is grateful to Bloomingfoods and their members for this big-hearted donation from the Positive Change program.  Meals on Wheels could not carry out its mission without the generosity of civic-minded individuals and businesses like Bloomingfoods,” said Kathy Romy, Executive Director, Bloomington Meals on Wheels. “This donation will go directly to support our commitment to feed those in our own community who desperately need our services.”

Bloomingfoods’ shoppers continue to keep the donations rolling in! In September,  shoppers donated $4,259.07 to Bloomington Meals on Wheels through this community-driven fundraising campaign, Positive Change.

Positive Change raises funds by giving shoppers the opportunity to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar, or donate more if they wish. Each month, Bloomingfoods has a new recipient organization, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the organization.